Don’t Take Ordinary Vacations

Take vacations that your friends will ask about, because they actually want to know.

Planning a trip is a lot of work, but having a great vacation is SO important.

You can use Cerca to make your trip better by adding authentic experiences or getting unique recommendations that aren’t in every blog and guidebook.

And with in-depth podcasts about places around the world, Cerca can help you understand why these experiences are culturally valuable. 

Go ahead, drink Cava on the terrace of a castle in Spain at sunset.  And feel free to brag about it. 

Learn how to cook authentic Paella in Barcelona.

Take a dip in a natural hot spring in Iceland in the dead of winter.

Stop for a luxurious lunch while hiking the Camino de Santiago.

Shortcut the lines at the most popular tourism sites.

How It Works

For a limited time, Cerca is FREE to use!


Update your profile with the experiences you most enjoy while traveling, Cerca will help you find more just like them!


Listen to a beautiful Cerca Guide or Cerca podcast series about food, history, adventure, sports and so much more.


Use the maps and notes in the Cerca app to see all the things that are recommended.


Save all your favorites! Coming soon: tools to build itineraries, collaborate with friends, and book experiences.

Talk To A Local

Chat with a local Cerca Concierge to ask all your questions. Anytime. Always real humans, never AI.

Save time



What is a Cerca Concierge? 

A friend to ask anywhere in the world. Real humans, never AI.

Concierges are local experts living around the world.  You communicate via chatting in the Cerca app – just like sending text messages with a friend.

You can choose your Concierge based on what they know best or what part of the city they live in. Or if you feel like they fit your travel vibe. 

Your Concierge can help you find cultural experiences that aren’t available to everyone else, because they’ve been recommended just for you.  They can also help answer time sensitive questions like, “where should I go for lunch right now” or “is the airport employee strike as bad as it sounds”. 

Ask as many questions as you want.  When you’re in the same time zone as your Concierge you will probably get a response quite quickly – within a couple of minutes.  If you’re chatting from the other side of the world you may have to wait until your Concierge wakes up in the morning! 

You can even become a Concierge for your city!

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Cerca lets you plan collaboratively with locals.

Explore The World

Beautifully produced podcasts that take you to new places, written and voiced by people who live there.

Ask Questions

Looking to drink cava on the rooftop terrace of a castle? Get unique advice that’s specific for you.

Learn All The Things

Find out where the locals eat, get real-time info, and learn things most tourists don’t know.

Find Cool Stuff

Little vineyards in Tuscany or street food in India or every Gaudí design in Barcelona.

Connect with Local Businesses

Speak with Concierges connected to local businesses like shops, restaurants, tour guides, and more.

Get Answers in Real Time

Need somewhere for lunch right now?  Chat with someone!

Cerca Concierges are your friend to ask anywhere in the world.

Concierges are locals just like you. They just live somewhere else!

You can choose your Concierge based on what they know best or what part of the city they live in. Or if you feel like they fit your travel vibe.