About Cerca

Love the world you live in. We’ll help you explore it.

We believe your travel experiences should be simply AMAZING.

That’s what we want for ourselves, and that’s what we want for everyone else. But we hated spending dozens of hours trying to figure out what those amazing experiences were and who to trust to help us find the best stuff. #Anxiety

We figured there needed to be a shortcut. So we built it.

Our Journey to Cerca

At Cerca, our roots are as unique as the travel experiences we strive to create. Our story begins with a team of award-winning film, television, and podcast producers who, beyond their individual accolades, shared a common passion: crafting narratives that transport and transform. As producers on “The Amazing Race,” we mastered the art of adventure, storytelling, and, most importantly, connecting audiences to the vast world around them.

One of the privileges we had at The Amazing Race was the benefit of a local “fixer” everywhere we went.  Someone who knew the city inside and out and who could help you find exactly the right shop or a truly unique restaurant or the most authentic cultural experience.

We thought, “What if we could give everyone a local fixer?”

The Cerca Philosophy

Travel, we believe, is one of the most transformative, important experiences we humans can have. It changes the way you see the world and see yourself, and it builds empathy. 

And travel isn’t about just checking off destinations – it’s about the connections and the unique, often worldview-changing experiences you have along the way. Cerca is a platform that empowers every traveler to have deeply personal, extraordinary experiences all over the world. 

Our Global Family

Cerca is headquartered in Los Angeles, has a studio in Barcelona, and has a team that stretches around the globe. We collaborate with a diverse array of writers, producers, and local experts who bring authenticity and depth to the Cerca Concierge and Cerca original podcasts.

Cerca’s Concierges are more than just travel experts; they are ambassadors of their cultures, curators of their cities’ secrets, and your personal links to fantastic, unique travel experiences.

Why Choose Cerca?

Let’s get you out of the ratings rat race!

Choosing Cerca means embracing a vision of travel that’s not AI-generated or powered by algorithms.

We’re powered by another A-word: authenticity.

Join us on this journey. Let's make every trip better.

Welcome to Cerca.

Love the world you live in, and we’ll help you explore it.


Stacey Book, Dominique Ferrari & Avi Glijansky

Cerca Founders

Meet the Team

The C Suite

Stacey Book Chief Executive Officer Cerca Founders

Stacey Book

Chief Executive Officer

Avi Glijansky Chief Production Officer Cerca Founders

Avi Glijansky

Chief Production Officer

Lori Jordan

Chief Revenue Officer

The Cerca Team

Joshua Book Head of Product Cerca Team

Joshua Book

Head of Product

Neil Innes Vice President Global Audio Cerca Team

Neil Innes

VP Global Audio

Ryan Hammond

VP Business Development

Dominique Ferrari Chief Creative Officer Cerca Founders

Dominique Ferrari

Creative Advisor

Mohamed Diop

Full Stack Engineer

Julian Kwasneski

Master of Sound


Gleiser Oliveira

Technical Advisor

Cerca Original Guide Team

Neil Innes & Andrés Bartos Barcelona Guide, Passport, MisInfoNation

Neil Innes &

Andrés Bartos

Barcelona Guide, Passport, MisInfoNation

Jennifer Carr

London Guide

Amela Becirevic &
Marifé Quesada

Costa Rica Guide

Svavar Jónatansson

Iceland Guide

Stephanie Namahoe
Launiu & Mari Sao

Hawaii Guide

J.J. Duncan

Los Angeles Guide

Dhira Rauch
& Alyssa Ciccarello

NYC Guide

Hannah Meltzer &
Sireen Ricard Millet

Paris Guide

Lauren Passall

Disneyworld Guide

Catarina Araújo

A Portuguese Affair

Virginia Vigliar

Rome Guide

Dr. Bob Parr

Adventure Smart