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Immersive podcasts, written and voiced by locals, filled with the stories, sounds, and feeling of some of the most extraordinary places in the world.  Take a deep dive into a place’s food, music, history, sports, fashion and more, and get the insider recommendations that will help you create the trip of a lifetime.

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Cerca Podcast Guides are our modern take on a guidebook. Imagine a podcast where each episode delivers insight and stories about somewhere in the world: everything from food to music, history, architecture, sports, fashion and more. Listen passively in the flow of your daily life, while immersing yourself in the sounds and feels of a new and extraordinary place. 

Cerca podcasts are available anywhere you listen to podcasts, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  However we recommend you listen to Cerca podcasts in the Cerca app, where you’ll able to listen ad-free, have control over chapter navigation and access features like maps and the Cerca Concierge.

When you listen to a Cerca podcast in the Cerca app you’ll be able to see all the things we recommend on a map, or in a list, with pictures and information. Plus, you’ll be able to save things to your Favorites. 

Nope! Cerca makes lots of other original podcasts as well, including master class style podcasts on topics like wine, food, and safety. All Cerca Original podcasts come with notes and maps and favoriting available in the Cerca app.

Cerca also hosts the Cerca podcast network, which other podcast creators can join to take advantage of sponsorship and promotional opportunities.  If you are interested in the Cerca podcast network please email  

Cerca works with writers and producers around the world so that we ensure the information and the perspective in all Cerca Original shows is local and authentic.
If you would like to sponsor a city or country Guide, or another format Cerca Original show, please contact us at