Your travel experiences are irreplaceable.

Get local advice to make them unforgettable.

Never take another ordinary trip.

Cerca is a travel app that connects you directly with locals. Get advice and answers when you need them, as simple as texting a friend.

Where did Cerca come from?

Cerca was founded by a team of former producers from The Amazing Race. We know what it feels like to take extraordinary trips.

The secret: connecting with locals.

In television production, they’re called “fixers.” On Cerca, they’re called Concierges. And these locals can help you escape the ratings rat race and the algorithms where everyone else is stuck, to make your trip incredible.

How It Works


Choose a Place

Choose a place and Cerca will match you with Concierges, podcast episodes and recommendations from that place.

Message with a Concierge

Ask all your questions. All of them! For real. Where to eat, what to do, where to park, hidden gems, and more. Concierges are like ambassadors for their city and their culture, ready to share unique and authentic recommendations.

Deepen your Knowledge!

While you collaborate and plan with your Concierge, dive deeper with premium Cerca Guides and travel podcasts curated by local voices. Listen to a Cerca Guide right now!


“It's undeniably a one-of-a-kind innovation that adds a distinctive and unparalleled dimension to the cherished tradition of the great American road trip.”

Jennifer, Tampa

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Access the Cerca Concierge in cities like Barcelona, Paris,
Los Angeles, and more.

Share your city’s secrets.

(and get paid for it!)

Earn by showcasing the best of your city.  We’re on the lookout for locals and businesses who are passionate about their city and want to connect with travelers.

Discover the world at the speed of sound.

Find Cerca’s Guides in the Cerca App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.