Become a Cerca Concierge.

Love sharing the best of your city with others? Then we want you to be a part of Cerca Concierge.

How does being a Concierge Work? It's easy!

You can be a Concierge on your own time, whenever you like. Simply share the knowledge you already have! Concierges can use an iPhone or a web browser to answer questions on the platform.

Cerca users searching for advice or recommendations can select your Concierge profile to start a conversation.

Conversations are just like text messages. Sometimes it's just one question, sometimes it's many questions over several days.

Cerca Users are usually very grateful to get recommendations from a local who knows the city. 

After you've answered their questions, Cerca users can leave you a tip! $ in your pocket, just for helping with great advice!


If you’re interested in being a Concierge, apply today!

Cerca Storefronts

Do you have a business and want to reach travelers? Grab your Cerca Storefront.

Concierge FAQs

How are Cerca Concierges paid?

As a Cerca Concierge you are paid for your time interacting with Cerca Users. Independent Concierges earn .10 USD per message sent. Cerca Users can also tip you for giving them great advice!   Independent Concierges are also eligible for bonus payments for each time a traveler sends us positive feedback about you. (They do this through the app via a star rating system. A rating of 4 or 5 stars earns a bonus!) 

All Concierges (Independent or Storefront) can earn tips from Cerca Users!  

As a Concierge you can work as much or as little as you like. 

Yes, we have 3 types of Concierges: 
1. Independent Concierges
2. Storefront Concierges 
3. Expert Concierges

An expert Concierge is someone who is an expert in a subject.  Cerca will verify all Expert Concierges. 

Storefront Concierges are Cerca Concierges who are connected to a Storefront.  Businesses who want to reach travelers can apply for a Cerca Storefront.  Any business with a Storefront must have a Concierge attached. 

A Storefront Concierge will be expected to answer any questions they receive, and give recommendations, but they can also speak about the business they are representing and help Cerca users make arrangements with that business.   

The Cerca Concierge is expanding to new locations all the time!  Download the app to see all available locations. 

Yes! Cerca is very protective of User and Concierge privacy and data.