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The Cerca Guide to Disney World

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Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth. Welcome to Walt Disney World! And what a world it is. Since its grand opening in 1971, Disney World has become the largest and most visited theme park in the world - by far. But calling this global icon a “theme park” doesn’t even begin to capture the magic, wonder, innovation, and cultural staying power of Disney World. Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland’s bigger sibling as not just an amusement park but a model for the cities of the future. That might not be how we see the park today, but at twice the size of Manhattan, it is certainly a city - or even a country - of its own. One that still has the power to make even the most jaded adult feel like a kid again. In this Cerca Guide, Lauren Passell, proud Disney Adult and founder of Tink Media (named after Tinkerbell, naturally) will take you on a magical tour of all 4 Disney World parks and show you how to have the most magical time possible in the most magical place on earth.


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