The Cerca Guide to Hawaii.

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Hawai‘i is the unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature in all her glory. Hawai‘i is its history. Hawai‘i is its food. Hawai‘i is all of these things and more. In this Cerca Guide, Stephanie Namahoe Launiu and Mari Sao will show you the beauty, introduce you to the people, and teach you the history of these incredible Pacific islands through its food, culture, music, parties, and landscapes. E komo mai!




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Namahoe Launiu

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Episodes in this Guide

Hawai’i: Eat Here

January 1, 2023

Hawaiian cuisine is a multicultural extravaganza and we’re here to help you taste it all!

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  • Most people think that when they landed the ancient Hawaiians found a lush tropical paradise. Nope! Truth is the Hawaiian islands were just barren volcanic rock at first. But those ancient Hawaiians came prepared with the plants and crops that would kick things off, and over the centuries Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Filipino immigrants helped[...]

Hawai’i: Start Here

January 1, 2023

In this guide we're going to show you this jaw-droppingly beautiful place in a way you've never seen or heard before… and it all starts here.

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