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Travel writing has to be one of the most sought after jobs on the planet. The romance of wanderlusting around the world, jotting down your thoughts and discoveries in a battered old Moleskine notebook, and getting paid for it. But romanticism aside… what about the actual job? Pitching. Editors. Writing. Technique. Resources. Packing. Cliches. What does a life in Travel writing really look like, what does it feel like? U.S.-born and London-based knows the answers to those questions because she's lived them. Still is. A luxury travel specialist, novelist and freelance writer, her byline has graced almost every single English language publication including Afar, The New York Times, Conde Nast, National Geographic and Architectural Digest. And she wants to share all she's learned about the craft and business of travel writing with you. Join Cerca's Neil Innes (Passport, The Cerca Guide to Barcelona) for a series of conversations about everything from where to look for inspiration, to how to get your first gig, to why Nicole thinks this is hands-down the best job in the world. Ready to take the next step on your journey?


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